The Chinese Shar-Pei dog is a sturdy huge sized dog with wrinkly skin. These canines look as though they are wearing oversized skin & the effect is amusing. Shar-Pei have blue black tongues like Chow Chows & they have almond formed, dark colored eyes. Lighter colored individuals have light colored eyes. Variations in the breed include heavily wrinkled canines with huge heads & canines with fewer wrinkles & smaller heads.

Adults range in weight from 40 to 55 pounds & reach a height of 20 inches on average.

Shar-Pei canines lose their wrinkles as they grow older; puppies are more wrinkled than adult canines. The breed was only recently recognized by the AKC (American Kennel Club) in 1992 & although there's two coat variations, the AKC only recognizes four: the brush coat & horse coat. The rarer bear coat is not recognized by the AKC as it doesn't fall within their standard because of topcoat & undercoat length.

Shar-Pei are clever, courageous canines that are liable to dominance. Owners of these canines need to establish their leadership from the outset to keep away from potential issues. This makes these canines unsuitable for households with children. Shar-Pei try to dominate individuals they perceive as weak & this can lead to them displaying aggression. Shar-Pei can sometimes challenge for position within a relatives & may become obstinate with relatives members they think about to be weak.

It is highly advisable to enroll these canines in obedience classes to make positive the dog is properly socialized & manageable. These canines need a firm leader as they have strong personalities. Shar-Pei are loyal, protective canines & strongly bond with their master. They make lovely guards & will protect their household & relatives. Mild or unassertive people don't make lovely owners for these canines as they need a gentle yet assertive authority figure.

Shar-Peis are neat canines & are a number of the simplest canines to housetrain. They need regular brushing & shedding depends on the coat variation of the breed. Every week bathing in the work of the molting period is necessary to keep the dog looking well kempt. These canines don't make lovely pets for people with allergies.

Despite their stocky build Shar-Pei need plenty of exercise. Every day walks in which the dog is kept at heel position are crucial so the dog learns to respect his human handler. If these canines are not given sufficient every day exercise they have an inclination to create behavioral issues. Shar-Pei are heat sensitive & should not be over exercised in hot weather.

These canines are liable to renal failure which causes swollen hocks syndrome & fever. A popular misconception is that Shar-Pei suffer from skin issues because of their wrinkles. While Shar-Pei are liable to skin issues, it is because of a hereditary condition. Because of the fact that they were popular in the 80's, these canines were over bred by amateurs & greedy breeders so it is important to buy one of these canines from a reputable breeder who has been consistently breeding healthy lines.



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